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To empower women around the world

We love women who are aware of their own strength. Women who lead their own lives, stand behind the choices they make themselves, and make no concessions in who they are and what they stand for.

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Raoul Martin Fashion Design

My Fashion is all about....

Raoul Martin Fashion Design

Fashion model Reya, who inspires and empowers other women day in and day out through her experience and passion for fashion. Or Myoko, who walks hand in hand with her friend through the oldest neighborhoods of Tokyo. Strong, independent women. Women like Inés, Moa, Abigail, and Neroli.

The fashion designs by Raoul Martin are for these women. Exclusive, wearable fashion collections that truly reflect the personality and uniqueness of these women. Clothing that fits their moment, not the moment. Daring clothes for powerful women.

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