Meet Raoul Martin FashionDesigner

In the past period, we have worked hard on a powerful, renewed identity for Raoul Martin. Both offline and online.

Launching the successful Tiles and Leaves collection comes with a compelling story. The website, logo, and corporate identity have undergone significant changes, now telling the right story. The story of FashionDolls by Raoul Martin. A story that has been lingering in Raoul’s mind for years and is now finally written.

In collaboration with the social media and content agency Sociaal Kapitaal, a strategic trajectory started in the autumn of 2019, where we returned to the core of FashionDolls. After several joint sessions, our brand story was documented; a strong story with vision and future.

What followed was a new corporate identity, a slightly modified logo, and a website (in collaboration with Ton Kemp and Sociaal Kapitaal) that perfectly aligns with our new narrative: empowering women worldwide.